The best of both worlds!!!

Need to decorate your new business office in the Triad NC Area? How do you do that with a tight budget?

A new contemporary veneer rectangular desk with mahogany finish, the cost range is about $980. But you need a complete office set or where are you going to store your catalogs, office supplies, files, etc? So let's use a new contemporary veneer work station as a base price: a veneer bullet desk with full modesty panel but w/o leg is about $418.5, add the a silver metal post let for $70.2, a bridge with Grommet $207.9, a credenza shell w/grommet for $372.6, a tack board for $89.1, a hutch with smoke glass doors and aluminum frame for $ 826.2, wardrobe cabinet for $ 564.3, and a box/box/file credenza/return pedestal for $321.3. Your subtotal cost is $2,870.1. The overall dimension of this workstation is about 96'W x 104"D x 68"H. This set will fit well in an office size of about 12'x12'.

What about sitting, and an area for meeting with your customers. Now you need a good quality American made High Back Task Chair for your desk ($500), two guest chairs for about ($600) for both, an OS laminate small 42" round conference table with X-base ($319) with 2 Haworth stackable chairs ($420) and a presentation board ($990). Your subtotal for these items is $2829.

If you have a cubical area for your financial, designing, and marketing personnel, we need to add the cost of three new typical 6x6 powered workstation with glass ($4,965).

Now, your total cost is $10664.00

So what does Office Furniture South in Greensboro NC proposed?

Option #1- Keep the quality, drop the extra cost

One way to do it, it is going with pre-owned office furniture completely. So, some people call it used office furniture, or second hand. Many names, one fact, savings up to 75% are coming your way.

So instead a new contemporary veneer work station as describe above, you could purchase a used contemporary veneer cherry finish U desk with matching credenza, and hutch. This office set is in great condition and will cost you about $750. So, you just realized saving of $2,120.1.

With regard to seating, conference table, and presentation board, if purchased used office furniture or pre-owned, your new cost would be $685. Your savings are $3,574.

Finally, if you purchased your three cubicles used ($1,575), your saving will be $3,390.

Now your new pre-owned furniture cost is $3,010.

Total savings of $7654,00

Option #2- Mix it up and have the best of both worlds!!!

So you have some extra cash, let's invest smart into your office furniture. Reviewing your three separate office furniture costs:


Main office desk area

New furniture cost $2,870

Used furniture cost $750

Savings $2,120


Seating, and customer meeting area's

New furniture cost $4,259

Used furniture cost $685

Savings $3,574


Cubicle area for your financial, designing, and marketing personnel

New furniture cost $4,965

Used furniture cost $1,575

Savings $3,390

Your greatest savings come from your seating, and cubical furniture. So if you decide to purchase your main office desk area new and pre-owned sitting and cubicles, you will pay a total of $5,130, and you still realize saving of $6,964.

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